Client Reviews

Mr. Edwards and his staff were amazing involved with my concern. Bob and his staff would call me just to see how I was doing not only physically but mentally. Through many surgeries, scans, injections and doctors appointments they looked out for me. Dealing with 3 specialists and having many procedures done they looked out for my best interests. Bob had much knowledge in the laws in my injuries and work comp. With many insurance companies involved my case could have been very messy. The insurance companies were more interested in suing on another and pointing fingers on who should pay who all while not considering me who was just sitting on a bus! Bob made sure I was not overlooked and my injuries were fixed and I was compensated not only for what I went through but my future with a 21% disability! Bob and his staff are amazing!

In 2001 my car was totaled in a fender bender with a snowbird in an enormous RV. The insurance company was reluctant to reimburse me for my rental replacement and lost time at work. I had no significant personal injury. Mr. Edwards recommended by a Minnesota civil attorney helped me get appropriate reimbursement for my financial losses.

Last year I was rear ended and wound up with two herniated discs, one injection in my back, two back surgeries and over four months of severe pain, surgery and lost wages. Mr Edwards was supportive and reassuring and obtained a settlement which restored all my lost wages and was, in part, appropriate to the pain, suffering and life dislocation. The anxiety and disruption of my life was considerable for someone who is 71 y/o. His fee was reasonable and similar to that advertised by "discount" personal injury lawyers. I found him competent, professional, ethical, knowledgable and supportive. As the settlement was the maximum allowed by the at fault drivers insurance Mr. Edwards is continuing to explore all possible sources of additional reimbursement for my pain and suffering.

Knowing he is acting in my behalf has let me sleep well, and get back to work full time. Whenever I call he either talks directly to me or calls back promptly. He regularly updates me by e-mail on the status of my claims.

I am very grateful to the lawyer who referred to Mr. Edwards.