Erickson vs. American Honda

Anoka County District Court verdict of $1.8 million against ATV manufacturer and retail seller for brain injuries sustained by the minor child who was a passenger on a four wheeler.


Burnham vs. Excavating Company

Low back injury sustained at a construction site when a worker fell into a hole which had been covered with a piece of Styrofoam.


Commercial Trucking Accident

Hennepin County - Woman injured in a car/commercial truck collision resulting in shoulder and neck injuries including repeated radiofrequency ablations.


Automobile Accident

65-year-old man injured in motor vehicle collision. Primarily neck injuries with repeated radiofrequency ablations. Federal Court, Minneapolis.


Major Rear-End Collision

Combined $145,000 settlement (liability and underinsured motorist) for 54-year-old woman injured in rear end collision in which there was virtually no property damage to the involved vehicles because the collision occurred on an ice covered overpass. Primarily neck injuries with repeated radiofrequency ablations.