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Being involved in a traffic collision can be an overwhelming experience. As a result of the sudden impact of the crash, you may sustain a whiplash injury from the swift or forceful back-and-forth movement of your neck. If you have suffered a whiplash injury due to an accident caused by a negligent party, you may be entitled to pursue fair financial compensation. 

With over three decades of extensive experience, I have the diligence and knowledge to support and represent clients in their whiplash injury claims. As a practiced Minnesota personal injury attorney, I can review your case details and explore your possible options to seek damages. In addition, I will fight vigorously for your rights, hold the negligent party liable, and help recover rightful compensation to cover your injuries and damages. 

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What Is Whiplash?

Whiplash is a neck injury which occurs as a result of a sudden or forceful back-and-forth jerk of the head or neck – backward, forward, rotational, or sideways movement. Auto accidents, such as rear-end car crashes, remain the most common cause of whiplash injuries. 

Symptoms of Whiplash

Some of the common signs and symptoms of whiplash injuries include: 

  • Neck pain 

  • Shoulder pain 

  • Pain in your arm or hand 

  • Tiredness 

  • Neck stiffness 

  • Dizziness 

  • Sleep disturbances or sleeplessness 

  • Low back pain 

  • Concentration difficulties 

  • Headaches 

  • Numbness in your arm or hand. 

  • Fatigue 

  • Trouble turning your head 

  • Irritability 

The seriousness of the whiplash injury and symptoms will depend on the direction of impact, your position, and the speed at which the auto collision happened. It is vital to note that getting immediate medical assistance is crucial to treat your injuries and avoid potential complications. 

What are the Possible Complications of Whiplash?

Some of the complications of whiplash injuries include: 

  • Chronic pain 

  • Damages to the nerves 

  • Dislocation of the neck 

  • Neck fracture 

  • Loss of income 

  • Reduced productivity 

  • Unable to work 

  • Ongoing medical treatments 

  • Continuous pain 

  • Disability 

  • Post-traumatic stress symptoms 

  • Depression 

In serious cases or if you delay getting medical help, the whiplash injury may result in permanent damage and other severe complications. A trusted Minnesota whiplash injury attorney can ensure that you get prompt medical treatments, properly document your injuries and medical records, and help file your claims. 

What Should I Do If I Feel I May Have Whiplash After My Accident? 

As mentioned earlier, if you feel that you might have sustained a whiplash injury after an auto accident, you need to get immediate medical treatment. Here are some reasons to seek medical help after an accident: 

For Your Own Sake

Even if you feel fine or that your whiplash injuries are minor, you still need to get adequate medical attention. Getting prompt treatment is important for your safety, health, and general well-being.  

At times, the symptoms of the whiplash injury may be hidden for several days or weeks. Unfortunately, when the whiplash injury eventually appears, reversing the damages may be too late. Therefore, the earlier you get the medical treatment, the earlier you can start your recovery journey. 

For Proper Documentation

Also, getting medical treatment will ensure that your injuries and symptoms are accurately documented. When filing your injury claim, you may require official documentation of a medical diagnosis, medical treatments, and hospital visits.  

When you have the necessary medical records and documentation to prove the magnitude of your whiplash injuries, you can mitigate potential issues when seeking financial compensation.   

Insurance Company Can Use Against You If You Don't

Lastly, insurance providers usually require accident victims and policyholders to report their injuries immediately. If you delay or fail to seek medical help, the insurance provider may use this as an excuse to deny or undervalue your claims. The insurer may claim that your whiplash injuries occurred from another incident or they weren't serious enough to need medical help. 

Legal Guidance When You Need It Most

Sustaining a whiplash or neck injury as a result of an accident can be unsettling. Such an incident can affect you physically, financially, and mentally. Regardless, you don't have to suffer the pain and financial liability all on your own. Speaking with a personal injury attorney is imperative for detailed guidance and to help protect your rights after suffering a whiplash injury. 

At the Law Offices of Robert N. Edwards, I proudly give experienced legal services to clients in their personal injury cases. Using my broad legal understanding, I can direct you through the processes involved in filing whiplash injury claims. Also, I will fight compassionately for your rights and help you seek fair financial compensation to cover your medical bills, lost wages, future medical treatment, pain and suffering, and other available damages. 

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