Truly Caring

Mr. Edwards and his staff were amazing involved with my concern. Bob and his staff would call me just to see how I was doing not only physically but also mentally. Through many surgeries, scans, injections and doctors' appointments, they looked out for me. Dealing with three specialists and having many procedures done, they looked out for my best interests. Bob had much knowledge in the laws in my injuries and work comp. With many insurance companies involved, my case could have been very messy. The insurance companies were more interested in suing one another and pointing fingers on who should pay who all while not considering me who was just sitting on a bus! Bob made sure I was not overlooked and my injuries were fixed, and I was compensated not only for what I went through but also my future with a 21 percent disability! Bob and his staff are amazing!


Highly-Skilled Attorney

In 2001, my car was totaled in a fender bender with a snowbird in an enormous RV. The insurance company was reluctant to reimburse me for my rental replacement and lost time at work. I had no significant personal injury. Mr. Edwards recommended by a Minnesota civil attorney helped me get appropriate reimbursement for my financial losses.


Knowledgeable & Supportive

Last year, I was rear-ended and wound up with two herniated discs, one injection in my back, two back surgeries and over four months of severe pain, surgery and lost wages. Mr. Edwards was supportive and reassuring and obtained a settlement that restored all my lost wages and was, in part, appropriate to the pain, suffering and life dislocation. The anxiety and disruption of my life was considerable for someone who is 71 years. His fee was reasonable and similar to that advertised by "discount" personal injury lawyers. I found him competent, professional, ethical, knowledgeable and supportive. As the settlement was the maximum allowed by the at-fault drivers insurance, Mr. Edwards is continuing to explore all possible sources of additional reimbursement for my pain and suffering.


Peace of Mind

Knowing he is acting on my behalf has let me sleep well, and get back to work


Very Grateful

I am very grateful to the lawyer who referred to Mr. Edwards.


Incredible Integrity

We found ourselves in a position where we ended up in a legal battle with our city over negligence on their part that caused significant damage and displaced us from our home. Mr Edwards was everything that you want in a time of crisis. My family has trusted Mr Edwards for years and he has always done incredible work with a level of integrity that he should be proud of.


Always There for Us

My family and I were involved in a motor vehicle accident and were referred to Robert Edwards. I say thank you Lord for bringing me to this attorney. I am 66 years old and have been self employed most of my life. I mention this to establish that I have been around awhile and have had lots of life experience. Bob's knowledge in the area of personal injury law is vast and impressive. Even though it took years to bring the insurance company to a fair settlement, he was always there for us. He kept in touch, responded promptly and stayed on top of our case. I could go on and on with the kind words; but I will end with this. If you need an attorney with character and competence, you couldn't find any better.Stephen Kinsella

-Steve K.

Wonderful to Work with

Bob has been wonderful to work with. He is always advocating for his clients and has their best interests at heart. What sets Bob apart for our case was his ability to work in both Arizona and Minnesota which was a huge asset. We would fully recommend Bob to anybody looking for effective counsel.

-Clay T.

These Guys Are the Absolute Best

I was injured in a truck accident in Flagstaff AZ in 2009. The insurance company offered nothing for my injury. I found Mr. Edwards on the internet, and chose him because he is not afraid of going to court if the insurance company will not be fair. In the time it took to handle my case he always returned my calls, never made me feel like I was bothering him if I had a question, has a support staff in Sharon and Maria who are second to none, and NEVER tried to talk me into settling even though his fee comes from the settlement. He gives you the facts, his thoughts if you ask for them, and lets you make the informed decision on proceeding to trial or settling. I would give them the highest rating I could give. Thanks Bob, Sharon, and Maria. You guys are the best.

-Leonard D.

Has Helped Me Through Two Cases

Mr. Edwards has assisted me twice with auto accidents.The first occasion was in 2001 when a Minnesotan visiting Phoenix totaled my large 4 door sedan. Her Insurance was kept stalling in settling charges related to my lost income and inconvenience and Mr. Edwards, referred by an Attorney acquaintance in Minneapolis accepted my case and got me a reasonable settlement. Therefore it is no surprise that I turned to him last year when I was rear ended on a Freeway and as a result lost over 10 weeks work and required two back surgeries and 10 days in a rehab center. Mr. Edwards was not only emotionally supportive to my wife and me, but also reassuring about my being fairly reimbursed for my loss of income, medical expenses and pain and suffering. He obtained a settlement from the other driver’s insurance which was the limit of his coverage and continues to work on my behalf to obtain supplemental reimbursement from my underinsured motorist coverage.I have found him responsive, effective, and ethically upright in all my dealings with him. I cannot recommend him too highly.

-Bruce H.

Robert was always available

I was hit by a mail truck in 2014 and suffered injuries. As bills started to pile up I quickly realized that I needed some help to sort all this out and someone to represent me. After meeting with Robert Edwards and having a long chat I felt like he would be a good fit to represent me. Robert was always available to answer any questions I had or to just talk about my case. His assistants were very pleasant and very friendly to me and my daughter. In December of 2018, Robert represented me in a settlement hearing at the Federal Courthouse against the United States Postal Service. They were very low on their offers and it was clear to see that this would have to be settled in court. In April of 2019, we finally had our day in court in front of a Federal judge. Throughout the 2-day trial, Robert Edwards was a true professional he knew every detail of my case, his cross-examinations were substantive and to the point. Robert advised me to bring in my Doctor in person for the trial. That was by far the best advice I received throughout this 5-year process. The Federal judge was able to talk with my Doctor in person and actually was asking him his own questions and had a very in-depth conversation about my injuries. It was clear that Robert Edwards had a game plan throughout this whole very difficult Federal trial. A short time later we received word that we had won our case and my judgment was much, much, much more than what the USPS wanted to settle for. I am very grateful that I met Robert Edwards. He was able to deliver a life-changing amount of money to me and my family when the government would not take me seriously.

Thank you, Robert!

-Sara Tucker

Efficient & Effective Counsel

After being injured at work, I went to an attorney for assistance in seeking compensation for pain and suffering. After ten months and no results, I was referred to Mr. Edwards. He reviewed my case and agreed to take me on as a client. Mr. Edwards was able to resolve my case quickly and was able to reach a settlement that was almost six figures and three times more than what my original attorney believed the injury was worth. Additionally, Mr. Edwards assisted me settle issues I had with worker's comp. I would highly recommend Mr. Edwards.


Amazing Experience

My experience with Robert Edwards and his two paralegals was amazing. I had gone through two lawyers and finally got to Robert. Unfortunately, he had to take over when it was a quarter of the way through but he stepped up and did. He was constantly working and they were constantly in touch. My settlement was awesome! He is the most experienced, professional and personable lawyer I have ever heard of and worked with. I highly recommend him!

-Jasmine A.