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The Fix Is In

In the June 2, 2019 issue of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, on the front page, was the beginning of an article discussing the problems that many women have been experiencing after the implantation of pelvic mesh to help with bladder issues, usually following pregnancy. The sum and substance of the article is that the manufacturers of these products have figured out away to scam the system and get their (dangerous) products onto the market with the FDA approval. They do this because the FDA is understaffed and underfunded and therefore must rely on the manufacturers of these products to test them and certifiy their efficacy! That's right. The lunatics now have figured out away to run the asylum. What's worse is that they have also rigged the system so that if a product has FDA approval it is increasingly difficult to sue the manufacturer because they managed to get FDA approval before they put the product on the market. Heads they win; tails the consumer loses. And even worse is the fact that a lot of this stuff is paid for by Medicare which means tax dollars which means all of us are subsidizing this broken system.

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