Distracted Driving Seems to be Getting Worse

In today's Star Tribune on page B5 they noted that 2 pedestrians who had been hit in Minneapolis this week had died. Both of these individuals were struck in broad daylight and neither drugs nor alcohol were involved in either crash. Why aren't people paying more attention when they are driving? How much carelessness is necessary to kill someone? Apparently not much. How should the families of these individuals be compensated? Should they be compensated less for their losses because the careless driver was just a little bit careless? Or should they be compensated for the full amount of the harm and the losses caused by the carelessness no matter if it was really, really careless or just a little bit careless?

The Law says that compensation for injuries and death is not proportionate to the amount of carelessness. Whether it's a little bit of carelessness or a lot of carelessness, the results are what they are and compensation is owed in full. This is the only way for our society to protect everyone else before it's too late.

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