Help for PTSD sufferers

In a July 19 addition of the Minneapolis Star Tribune was a front-page article reporting that 70% of people responding to the survey who used medical marijuana to treat their PTSD found that it actually reduced their symptoms. PTSD is one of 14 medical conditions that qualify Minnesotans to receive medical cannabis in pill or oil forms. It has become the 2nd most common diagnosis to receive cannabis, just behind Alzheimer's disease. While PTSD is often associated with soldiers or military veterans, those individuals actually represent only 19% of that PTSD cannabis users in the State survey. One of the users reported: "better sleep, better appetite, I'm not so angry all the time." Another stated: "my memories don't seem to bother me like they used to. This has been a life changer for me!".Many of my clients who have been in car crashes experience PTSD. Hopefully some of them will read about this article or, perhaps better yet, their doctors will be aware of this and will prescribe this to help them.

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